Research Topic

High fidelity turbulence simulation based on new symmetry induced model equations using high order Discontinuous Galerkin schemes

The present project is embedded into the multi-rate and
multi-scale simulation and modeling activities of the Fluid Dynamics group (FDY)
under the umbrella of the research focus R1 within the GSC CE. It essentially con-
cerns the key objective to fundamentally revise the way we do turbulence simulation,
which is the prototype of a multi-rate and multi-scale problem. For this, two key
ideas will be employed: (i) Since the 1940s, symmetries have been the key ingredient
of turbulence models, i.e. both RANS (Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes) and, more
recently, SGS (sub grid scale) models. These fundamental ideas are now to be used
explicitly for modeling, especially since new, previously unknown statistical sym-
metries for intermittency and non-gaussianity [Wacławczyk et al., 2014] have been
discovered, which are constitutive to turbulence. (ii) Turbulence simulation will be
based on the high order Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) code BoSSS (Bounded Support
Spectral Solver), which has the key advantage of minimizing both dispersion and
diffusion errors, which is a pre-requisite for high-fidelity turbulence simulations.

Key Research Area

Fluid Dynamaics, Turbulence, Discontinuous Galerkin, Lie Symmetry Groups


M. Oberlack, Fluid Dynamics


Dario Klingenberg


Dolivostraße 15

D-64293 Darmstadt



+49 6151 16 - 24381


+49 6151 16 - 24404




klingenberg (at) gsc.tu...

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