If you are interested in writing your thesis under my supervision, please send me an email including:

  • the relevant lectures, seminars, ... you attended
  • your programming experience
  • your areas of interest
  • the topic you are interested in or your own suggestion for a topic

I will try to come back to you as soon as possible. However, please understand that I only have a limited number of open topics.

Some information on how writing your thesis under my supervision works can be found here.

Ongoing Master Theses

  • A game-theoretic model for harvesting decisions in vanilla farming
  • Comparison of the classical and the safe-guarded augmented Lagrangian method for nonlinear optimization problems
  • Existence, Uniqueness and Characterization of Nash Equilibria for Capacity-Constrained Cournot Games

Finished Master Theses

  • An Exponential Relaxation for Cardinality Constrained Optimization Problems
  • Stability of Optimized Portfolios
  • Free Route and Airspace Restrictions
  • Evaluation of Sensor Data with Machine Learning Algorithms (Primary Supervisor Jan Peters, IAS)
  • A Two-Sided Regularization Scheme for Optimization Problems with Cardinality Constraints with Strong Convergence Properties
  • Design Centering in the Context of High Frequency Simulation (in cooperation with CST AG and TEMF)
  • Relaxed Constant Rank-type Constraint Qualifications for Nonlinear Programs and Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints
  • A Reformulation of Cardinality Constrained Optimization Problems with Semi-Continuous Variables
  • A two-sided Relaxation Scheme for Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints with Strong Convergence Properties
  • An Alternative Solution Method for Mathematical Programs with Complementarity or Cardinality Constraints based on Semi-Infinite Programs
  • Modeling Truss Structures using Vanishing and Cardinality Constraints
  • Eine Anwendung von Fehlerschranken auf Optimierungsprobleme mit Kardinalitätsrestriktionen
  • Nash Equilibria: History and Refinement


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Open BSc/MSc Theses

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