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Numerical Simulation of Shear induced Wetting

Drop on inclined plate

It is in printing, coating, spray cooling, pesticides, fuel engines and many more industrial applications where small droplets are of utmost importance. During the last decade, the fluid-fluid interface has been under a lot of investigation especially at the three phase contact line, where the fluid-fluid interface touches a solid phase. Contact line related phenomena are not yet fully understood. In capillary driven flows, where surface tension is the dominating force, a pinning phenomena is observed, we all know from raindrops which stick to windows. In this case gravity counteracts the pinning force eventually inducing a movement of larger drops. Considering a car driving in rain, these drops not only form thin films and rivulets but pose a safety issue on the side window or mirror, where the sight can be impaired.

While the ultimate goal of this research is to predict liquid movement and distribution on complex surfaces using numerical simulations, experimental investigations are still imperative, on the one hand as inspiration for lacking analytic models, on the other hand as necessary validation data for simulations. In order to achieve this target, our present research project is therefore subdivided into twin projects, one with Patrick Seiler focusing on experiments, and mine on numerical developments.

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