Research Topic

Symmetry-based scaling of the multi-point statistics of a turbulent Couette flow extended by wall-transpiration

The ultimate goal of the present project is to deepen our knowledge on turbulent shear flows based on Lie-symmetries and to extend our knowledge of multi-point correlation equations.

The first step of the present project concerns the direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulent plane Couette flow with wall-transpiration. This type of flow is a channel flow where the upper wall is moving with a constant velocity and where uniform blowing and suction is performed at the lower and upper wall, respectively. In the second step, the datasets produced by DNS of the flow will then be applied to validate turbulent scaling laws, which were generated in the framework of Lie symmetry group analysis. This will deepen our knowledge about turbulence statistics since symmetries allow the understanding of physics from a very fundamental point of view.

Recent Results

Key Research Area

High-performance computing techniques


Stefanie Kraheberger


Dolivostr. 15

D-64293 Darmstadt



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