Research Topic

Numerical Methods for Estimation and Reduction of the Impact of Geometrical Uncertainties on the Performance of Electromagnetic Devices

Electric filed in a TESLA cavity

The representation of the geometrical design of electromagnetic devices such as, for example, energy transducers, magnetrons, waveguides, antennas and linear accelerator is crucial in determining the device performance. In particular, for accelerator cavities, controlling the resonant frequency of the eigenmodes is important in order to guarantee the synchronization of the electromagnetic field and of the particle beam, which in turn determines the accelerating efficiency of the device. Mechanical deformations cause a non-negligible frequency shift. This can be due to the electromagnetic pressure (Lorentz Detuning) or to manufacturing imperfections. It has been shown that the Isogeometric Analysis discretization methods introduced by Buffa et al. can produce a highly accurate solution to the coupled electromagnetic-mechanic problem.

In the present thesis,gemetrically accurate simulation methods,such as IGA, will be exploited to quantify the impact of uncertainties in the geometry via stochastic and deterministic approaches like Monte Carlo (MC) method, Generalized Polynomial Chaos (gPC) or worst case analysis. The focus of this project will be on the study of the state of the art and bleeding edge numerical techniques for geometry related uncertainty quantification and, possibly, for automatic shape optimization.

Key Research Area

Numerical Methods, Isogeometric Analysis, Shape Optimization, Accelerator Cavities


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