PhD theses completed

PhD projects within the Graduate School, which are completed already, are listed below together with the corresponding PhD Student. They are ordered according to the Research Foci (R1-R9) and Cross-sectional Areas (C1-C4). For most of the thesis you are linked to a project page or a PDF download, which provide a short overview of the project and lists the supervisors.

Research Foci

R1) Multirate and multiscale methods

R2) Optimal control

R3) Discrete-continuous and global optimization

R4) Uncertainty quantification

R6) Multiphase flows

R7) Multiphysics applications

R9) Communication systems

Cross-sectional Areas

C1) Visualization and simulated reality

C3) Verification and validation

C4) Software engineering concepts

Demonstrative Applications

D1) Cyber-physical systems

Coordinators: von Stryk


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Open BSc/MSc Theses

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