Research Topic

Enhanced Compact Heat Exchangers

The objective of this project is to study the effect of the structure of porous, foam-like structures on heat transfer to fluids flowing through them and to optimize the structure so as to maximize heat transfer while minimizing flow resistance. Hollow channels with internal struts in the shape of a cubic grid will be fabricated out of both polymers and metals using a laser-sintering rapid prototyping process. They will be installed in a flow loop in which a heater will be wrapped around the channels and compressed air passed through them. The pressure drop across the channel length and the temperature rise of the air will be measured. Airflow through the porous structures within the channels will be simulated using a numerical model and model results validated by comparison with experiments. The model will be used to understand the effect of parameters such as strut diameter, shape and spacing on heat transfer and pressure drop. Optimal values for these parameters will be selected to give the highest heat transfer possible for a given value of pressure drop. The optimized channels will be fabricated and tested in the flow loop.

Recent Results

Key Research Area

Multi-Physics – Fluid- and Thermodynamics


Felix Loosmann


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