PDE, Scientific Computing and Optimization in Applications

Event dates: 7 Oct 2009 to 9 Oct 2009; Location: Kanpur, India

The Second Indo German Conference on PDE, Scientific Computing and Optimization in Applications Sponsored by INSA-DFG, CSIR & DST will be held on October 7-9, 2009. In the current scientific community there is more than abundant evidence which reveals that scientific computation and optimization are very powerful tools, utmost necessary to update the latest trends of research in the required fieldsA wide range of physical phenomena are modeled mathematically by Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). These equations are therefore an important subject of study and research. The nature of governing PDEs or their boundary conditions are, in most cases, quite complicated (e.g., nonlinear, ill-posed…), and are impossible to solve analytically. Scientific Computing is a solution to this problem. Due to the advancement in computer technology and availability of highly efficient & stable numerical algorithms, most complicated PDEs (like Navier-Stokes equations) on complicated geometries can be solved in ‘real time’ today. Therefore, this challenging subject has become quite interesting and highly applicable in a wide range of problems in science (general as well as medical) and engineering. Since the real application involves always optimization of some quantities, studying together with optimization is the most recent trend in research.

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