Prospective Students visit Graduate School CE

On October 14, an advanced course "Mathematics" from a grammar school in Frankfurt visited TU Darmstadt. 22 prospective students started their trip into science at Graduate School CE and continued at the "Schülerinnen- und Schülernachmittag" at the Department of Mathematics.

Prof. Sebastian Schöps introduced the Study Center ("Studienbereich") Computational Engineering. The study program focuses on the computational modeling, analysis and simulation in Engineering Sciences. By use of computers, this modern and interdisciplinary scientific branch allows to predict the behavior of complex systems, where direct access by theory or experiment is too cost intensive, too dangerous, too slow or generally impossible. CE embodies a well-balanced mix of mathematics, computer science, and engineering, which was illustrated in the presentation by references to engineering applications and exemplary job descriptions.

Equipped with lunch and many impressions the students changed over to the central campus of TU Darmstadt.

Even though it might not be obvious at first glance, mathematics play an integral part in many aspects of our everyday life, e.g., using GPS to navigate. In order to provide interested students (10th grade or higher) with an insight into the many different aspects of mathematics, the Department of Mathematics regularly organizes the „Schülerinnen- und Schülernachmittag zur Mathematik“. Students have the opportunity to listen to four talks with topics ranging from prime numbers to indemnity insurance. Among others, Prof. Alexandra Schwartz from Graduate School CE gave a talk on the basics of game theory. 

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