Girls' Day at the Graduate School CE

Acute sounds, laughs and girls whispering. It is not everyday that one can crash with some teenagers on the Graduate School corridors. The Girl's day, occurred on April 22th , was an event where girls in Germany could go visiting some companies, industries and learn a bit more about the profession they have interest in. Five sweet girls between 10 and 15 years old were subscribed to know the Graduate School of Computational Engineering. During the event, they could watch a presentation about what a Computer Scientist does. They also were introduced to some PhD students that could gladly talk about their research projects.

The students had also a challenge: To explain their work in such a simple way that a teenager could understand. The new experience was interesting. Annette, one of the participating students said: "It was fun! I enjoyed it a lot and I'm happy to hear that the girls liked it".

During the morning, exiting questions were made and the girls showed real interest in everything. After the presentations, the girls could have the experience to run an easy test case simulation, where they could see nice colored figures and have some practical activity.

The girls were also presented with some candies and Graduate School cups and the Girl's day ended with a lunch at Mensa Stadtmitte.

Emna Z. Ayari, from the Study Center said: "The feedback we have received from the girls has been extremely positive: They were very pleased to be with us and to get acquainted with the interesting interdisciplinary field of Computational Engineering. Four of the five girls are interested in a technical job and can absolutely imagine to study CE."

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