Workshop: State-of-the-art in NLP solvers

26 May 2010, 11:00 to 16:45; Location: S4|10-1

A short workshop in the field of "Nonlinear Programming" organized by Prof. Martin in Cooperation with the Zuse-Institut Berlin will take place at the Graduate School CE.

The talks concentrate on approaches for solving large-scale numerical optimization subproblems appearing in Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming during heurstics or a nonlinear Branch&Bound. In both cases these problems are in characterized by a relatively high degree of freedom and degeneracity especially in the linear part of the restrictions. Further they are solved in a sequence of similar problems, so that restart capabilities of solvers are an interesting aspect.

For the case of a nonlinear Branch&Bound those problems are convex but have more ambitious demands to numerical accuracy. Everyone who is interested in the topic is welcome to attend the workshop.

11:00h  Reception
11:05h  Gleixner, Vigerske: Experiences with NLP Solvers as a subroutine for MINLP
11:45h  Spellucci: Some Thoughts about Large Scale Nonlinear Programming
12:45h  Lunch break
14:15h  Ya-xiang: Subspace Techniques for Nonlinear Optimization
15:15h  Schittkowski: SQP and IPM Methods for Large Scale Optimization
16:15h  Discussion, further steps
16:45h  End

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