Prof. Jürgen Rödel

The focus of the group is the closely integrated combination of analytical and computational fluid mechanics. The diversity of the key topics such as fundamental fluid dynamics, turbulent combustion or environmental fluid mechanics center on turbulence research as one of the most prominent topics in multi-scale physics, and cover a broad range of multi-physics. Fundamental turbulence research is tackled on the one hand by employing high performance computers. On the other hand these data are used to validate new turbulence theories and turbulence models. The methodology for the derivation of the theoretical results employs a variety of modern analytical methods such as Lie-symmetry group methods, asymptotic analysis, multi-scale analysis, and recently developed techniques merging these theories. A combination of theoretical techniques and large-scale computations are used to develop statistical models for complex technical applications. The combined use of theoretical tools and multi-scale computations has also been proven to be fruitful in turbulent premixed combustion using the level-set approach. Furthermore, the latter is employed as a numerical tool for multi-phase flows to model phase interfaces, e.g., between water and granular media. The major aim is to develop highly accurate physical models and numerical techniques for interface and contact phenomena such as in droplet or bubble flows. This enables multi-scale computations for these multi-physics problems and simulations of, e.g., phase change in boiling problems, highly turbulent surface waves or spray problems which may include the three-phase contact line problem. Statistical and homogenization methods are under development in order to develop renormalized models from the latter multi-length-scale and multi-phase problems.

Prof. Jürgen Rödel


Technische Universität Darmstadt

Graduate School CE
Dolivostraße 15
D-64293 Darmstadt

Phone+49 6151/16-24401
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