Prof. Anja Klein

In the Communications Engineering Lab, the research focus is on modeling, simulation and optimization of mobile radio systems and networks. Both, link level and system level modeling and simulation as well as their interfacing are considered. In order to evaluate the performance of mobile radio networks, both single transmitter-receiver links as well as the mutual interferences between different links at system level in a cellular network deployment have to be evaluated using different hierarchy levels of simulators. The results have to be combined to achieve an efficient trade-off between accuracy of the model on the one hand and simulation time and memory consumption on the other. Models and simulators of the different hierarchy levels (link level and system level) have been developed and are continually being extended to include current and future features of mobile radio networks in order to evaluate and compare the performance. In particular, the following system features are challenges in the context of efficient modelling and simulation at the link and system levels: multicarrier and multiuser transmission, multi antenna concepts, advanced resource management methods, cross-layer design, cooperative communication, relaying and multi-hop. While for former mobile radio system modelling, the average value interface or the actual value interface have been used for the interface between link and system level simulations, for multi-carrier and multi-antenna systems, the new effective SNR (signal to noise ratio) mapping is an efficient solution used as the basis in the investigations.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Klein


Technische Universität Darmstadt

Graduate School CE
Dolivostraße 15
D-64293 Darmstadt

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