Prof. Dieter Bothe

Fluid particles like drops or bubbles play a prominent role in numerous applications like multiphase chemical reactors, fuel engines, atomization, drying of liquid sprays, heat exchange and ink-jet printing to mention just a few. One particular development towards process intensification relies on micro-systems, which further enhances the role of inter-material interfaces. In such multiphase flow systems there are several physico-chemical processes that determine the systems behavior, e.g., the fluid dynamics in the different fluids and the dynamics of the interfaces, heat and mass-transport between the fluids, adsorption effects at the interface and transport of species on the interface, variable surface properties as well as phase changes. In general these processes are strongly coupled and properties of the interface play a crucial role. A rigorous understanding of the behavior of such very complex flow problems must be based on mathematical models accounting especially for local processes at the interface.

The research of the group concentrates on the numerical modeling and simulation of two-phase flows, which occur in the treatment of drops or bubbles. Research is based on the continuum mechanical modeling of two-phase flows employing and further developing sharp-interface models. These models correspond to increasing levels of physico-chemical interface properties, starting from capillary interfaces to the case when the interface is a phase for itself with surface viscosity and variable surface tension. For the different levels of interfacial properties, the corresponding mathematical models are mathematically analyzed regarding solvability and their qualitative properties. For a deep understanding of the elementary transport and transfer processes, direct numerical simulations using the Volume-of-Fluid (VOF)-method are performed.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. D. Bothe



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