GSC Newsletter

The Graduate School CE newsletters regularly publishes by e-mail, are series of newsletters which provide information about new developments, students, research projects etc. in a concentrated form. Below you find a collection of past issues and the corresponding topics.

Past issues


Summer event 2015

Beach volleyball tournament

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New students

Anne Kikker Third party funded
Supervisors: Prof. Oberlack and Prof. Bothe
Topic: High-order numerical simulation of oscillating viscoelastic droplet
Affiliated department: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics
Scientific background: B. ... [more] »

Arthur the bug: Plots with pgfplots

This arthur the bug article gives a short tutorial on how to create high quality plots in LaTeX using the LaTeX package 'pgfplots' and the Matlab script 'matlab2tikz'.

Getting a Matlab plot into your latex document in good quality is the everyday challenge of a ... [more] »

New Students

Johannes Kromer
Supervisors: Dieter Bothe, Cameron Tropea
Topic: Modeling and simulation of nonlinear vibrations in fluid particles
Affiliated department: Mathematische Modellierung und Analysis and GSC-CE
Scientific background: Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. ... [more] »

Todorka Banova – visiting Universities

The first two weeks of March, 2014 Todorka Banova visited Professor Hideki Kawaguchi at the Muroran Institute of Technology in Muroran and the Laboratory for Applied Electromagnetics of Professor Hajime Igarashi at the Hokkaido University in Sapporo. The research interests of ... [more] »

Time for Girls' Day at the Graduate School

Since some years now, the Graduate School takes part in the „Girls` Day“ as a fixed date in spring. The Girls` Day is the possibility for girls from school to get an insight into men-dominated areas. Even though the Graduate School is a good example for a balance between male ... [more] »

Conferences - Crispin Deul

In the last week of May Crispin Deul took part in the 27th Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents (CASA 2014). CASA is held yearly since 1988 at different venues all over the world. This year the conference took place at the University of Houston, Hilton Hotel in the ... [more] »

84th annual meeting of International Association of Applied Mathematics

The 84th annual meeting of International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics(GAMM) took place from March 10 to 14 in Fürth/Erlangen.

This meeting attracted about 800 researchers from all over the world, mainly from Germany. Symposiums covering various ... [more] »

Arthur the Bug - Bashscript for elegant command history

by Frank Flitz

Did you ever try to look up your shell commands from the past? Your command history didn‘t help and was too confusing? Try this bashscript that saves your command history with a timestamp: # bash history # add the time to every entry export HISTTIMEFORMAT='%Y-%m-%d ... [more] »

Graduate School Assembly

On Wednesday, December 4th, 2013 we had our annual GSC Assembly of all Graduate School representatives and affiliates with the Advisory board. It started at 16:30 with an informal coffee meeting and finger food in the foyer in front of the lecture room at the Dolivostrasse 15. ... [more] »

New Students

Christina Weickgenannt
Supervisor: Prof. Tropea
Topic:Fast stretching of liquid bridges of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids
Affiliated department: Institut für Strömungslehre und Aerodynamik
Scientific background: Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieurin ... [more] »

Christoph Thiem in Rio de Janeiro

by Christoph Thiem

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European Microwave Week

by Todorka Banova

From 6 to 11 of October 2013 I took part in the European Microwave Week 2013 in Nuremberg. The European Microwave Week consists of three conferences: the European Microwave Conference, the European Microwave Integrated Circuits ... [more] »

Arthur the Bug - NAG Ltd

NAG numerical libraries available at GSC CE

The NAG Numerical Libraries from the NAG organization (Numerical Algorithms Group, contain more than 1600 mathematical & statistical algorithms that can help to build robust and fast numerical models and data analysis ... [more] »

Conference APS in Pittsburgh, 24.11.-26.11.13

by Laura Lukassen

End of November, just before the weekend of Thanksgiving, the American Physical Society (APS) held its 66th meeting of the division of fluid dynamics. This is a really huge conference, with a lot of speakers and an important coming ... [more] »

Ski Trip and Table-Top-Soccer-Tournament

by Martin Lilienthal, Paul Görgen and Nicklas Linder

From January 18th-21th, Fritz, Grischa and myself went together with 10 colleagues from TEMF, GSI and CST AG to Riezlern, Austria for the anual TEMF ski trip (TST). We stayed at "Haus Bergkranz", which belongs to Frankfurt University. We started skiing immediately ... [more] »

Events for international doctoral candidates

Guided tour „Getting to know Darmstadt“ followed by an informal get together 11.10.2013 | at 15:00 h From the Luisenplatz to the magnificent Mathildenhöhe – this guided walking tour will show you the most interesting places of the city. Discover more about the eventful past of ... [more] »

GSC Students at Conferences

The warm summer period was not an obstacle for our students to participate in conferences and present their scientific work. Some of the students shared their experiences with our newsletter team.

From 30. June to 4 of July 2013 Todorka Banova ... [more] »

students' committee

We, Todorka Banova, Matthias Heymanns, Nicklas Linder, Felix Loosmann and Tobias Ritter, are the members of the students' committee of the Graduate School CE. We are a group of students representing the interests of the students at the Graduate School CE. To achieve this goal, ... [more] »

Soccer GSC Tournament

Around 1pm on September 12th the GSC soccer tournament started in the TU Darmstadt “Hochschulstadion”. The first match was decided with a tight defeat of 2:1 by Amer Avdics "Burner-Team" over the "FNB" Team. The "Burner-Team" could also win all the ... [more] »


CE Turtles strike again

This year the CE Turtles ran again in the Meet and Move Ultra Marathon for the 4th time (after 2012, 2010 and 2009). As usual the venue was the Hochschulstadion of the TU Darmstadt. But while last year our runners were hindered to unfold their true potential due to rain and the ... [more] »

December 2013: GSC CE assembly

Annual meeting of all GSC affiliates on December 4, 2013

On 4th December 2013, the annual GSC assembly of all Graduate School representatives, including the students' committee, and affiliates with the Advisory Board will take place. The meeting will be held at the Graduate School CE in Dolivostraße 15, 64293 ... [more] »

4th Retreat of the Graduate School at the Lufthansa Training & Conference Center in Seeheim

Our 4th Retreat of the Graduate School CE is scheduled for 7th and 8th of April 2014. The official start on Monday is at 12 o`clock. Before the lunch Prof. Schäfer will welcome you. The end is approximately 2 pm after the lunch on Tuesday. A detailed agenda and more information ... [more] »

New students at the GSC

The Graduate School welcomes three new researchers

Vera Bommer GSC CE Scholarship holder 
Supervisor:Prof. Yousept and (to be determined)
Topic: Numerical Analysis for the Optimal Control of Electromagnetic Processes Governed by the Time-domain 3D Maxwell Equations
 ... [more] »

Meeting of Research Fokus 7

Fluid Structure Interaction

On the last retreat of the graduate school the idea came up to make some extra group meetings
of researchers working on the same field. For the group of research focus 7 - Fluid Structure Interaction
this meeting was conducted the first time on May 2nd this year. The ... [more] »

Duty to Rescue

Together with Birgit, Henning and Paul I recently attended a first aid training to counteract the apparent shortage of first aiders at GSC
Rather than boring you with my recollection of the event (which was quite interesting though!) I thought I might address one of the ... [more] »

In case of emergencies

Sometimes you will wonder how likely an accident is to occur in the environment
of a graduate school where the most dangerous items you can get hold of are your scissors. And it might be a good guess that most members don't even use
scissors.  But in Germany ... [more] »


From March to April this year my colleague Ulrike Cordes and me had the pleasure
to visit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
The main purpose of the journey was to get in touch with Prof. Rubens Sampaio
from the mechanical engineering department of
the Pontifical ... [more] »


From 4 to 8 of March 2013 I took part at the 77th Annual Meeting of the DPG and DPG Spring Meeting in Dresden. All conference activities were held at the lecture hall center of the Technische Universität Dresden and its direct neighborhood. ... [more] »

Girl`s Day at the Graduate School

Like every year, technical organizations as enterprises, universities, and research centers with technical departments are invited to arrange an open day for girls - Girls'Day. So did the Graduate School CE -mainly organized by Laura Lukassen. [more] »

Meeting of Research Focus 6 at the Graduate School

The initial research program of the Graduate School CE integrated three key research areas and four cross-sectional areas. During the first funding period it became apparent that the key research areas were defined on a slightly too ... [more] »

Soft Skills

In the future we plan to organize two additional seminars in English language with the content Project Management in autumn 2013 and Career ... [more] »

Melanie Gattermayer is new as one of the managers of the Graduate School

Melanie has newly joined the Graduate School CE in May and she is responsible for ... [more] »

Steps for finishing your thesis

by Bettina Schieche

I think there is no universal thesis-finishing-recipe, but I will try to collect a few things that may help one or the other. From my point of view the best thing to do is a motivation analysis. For example my motivation in the final year was driven by conferences where I ... [more] »

Visiting Baltimore 2012

2012 was a very exciting year for me as I visited the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) in Baltimore for 4 months which was exactly the time of the fall semester. Baltimore is lying at the east coast not far from Washington and New York, whereby not far is of course relative in the ... [more] »


...because one also need to have some fun!

(only photos) [more] »

Christmas party in a nice atmosphere at the Graduate School

It was December again and a time for one more Christmas party at the Graduate School. After a short meeting at the beginning of December, we picked the 11th of December for the party. Even though we did not have much time for organization, we knew that ... [more] »

October 2012: 3rd Retreat

On October 29/30, 2012 the 3rd retreat of the GSC CE took place in the "Hotel am Bruchsee" in Heppenheim. Apart from celebrating the prolongation of the grant from the German Research Foundation (DFG) within the Excellence Initiative, both days of the ... [more] »

GSC Students in Conferences

more of us, outside here...

Joining a scientific event during the time as a PhD student is always a rewarding experience. It provides the students to go outside the box, and present their research topic in front of an unknown audience. Of course, some time and effort are necessary for preparing a good ... [more] »

Winter 2013: New Students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes eleven new researchers

Jan-Niklas Hau
Third party funded associated GSC member

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Martin Oberlack[more] »

Spring 2013: New Students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes six new researchers

Matthias Heymanns
Third party funded associated GSC member
Supervisor: Prof. Hagedorn
Topic: Vibration Based Nonlinear Broadband Energy Harvesting
Affiliated department: Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering, Dynamics and Vibrations ... [more] »

Young Scientist Best Paper Award for GSC CE student Kynthia Stavrakakis

The ICEAA - IEEE APWC - EEIS 2012 Young Scientist Best Paper Award is awarded to Kynthia Stavrakakis for the paper "Fast parameter sweeps for the calculation of S-parameters in electromagnetic field simulations" presented at the 2012 International Conference on ... [more] »

Young Scientist Award for GSC CE student Irene Hiltunen

Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering (SCEE) grants the Young Scientist Award to Irene Hiltunen for her contribution "Broad Band Surface Impedance Boundary Condition for Higher Order Time Domain Discontinuous Galerkin Method", SCEE conference, September, ... [more] »

Babies and papers

The amazing experience with results that no thesis can describe

What happens when your life full of scientific reports, conferences, and lectures is then suddenly invaded by a shrill cry, little toys, diapers and more diapers?  It seems like after the announcement that a new life is just arriving, all the rest, including ... [more] »

New Junior Professor: Prof. Dr. Irwin Yousept

Dear Colleagues, my name is Irwin Yousept. In July this year, I joined the Graduate School of Computational Engineering as a junior professor in optimization. It is really a big pleasure for me to obtain such a great opportunity for doing research and teaching at TU Darmstadt ... [more] »

Dynamics and Vibrations Group

The Graduate School of Computational Engineering welcomes the research group of Prof. Dr. Peter Hagedorn. The dynamics and vibrations group consisting of currently four doctoral students, a professor and a secretary joined us at the end of July and is affiliated to the Institute ... [more] »

Conference Euromech 532

Time-periodic systems Current trends in theory and application August 27-30, 2012

In August this year I finally contributed to my first conference, which was held in Frankfurt am Main. Although this was rather a home match, as it was co-organized by Fadi Dohnal and Prof. Hagedorn from the TU-Darmstadt,
and travel expenses were covered by my students ... [more] »

Fall 2012: New Students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes four new researchers

Dan Koschier
GSC CE Scholarship holder in the Fast-Track branch

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Jan Bender                        ... [more] »

GSC students in conferences

Summer school on numerical methods for multiphase flows, by Emna Hassani Most PhD students aim to keep the pre-processing phase as short as possible in order to get the first practical results within the first year of their promotion. One way to make this easy is to attend to ... [more] »

July 2012: GSC CE Summer Party

This year's summer party took place in best weather and with a large number of participants of students and professors. One of the highlights was when Björn from the Students' Committee handed  the lucky winners Markus, Hannes and Amer their prizes of the betting game ... [more] »

Impressions of the GSC Prolongation

Since mid June it is sure that the GSC CE will go on for the next funding period of five years. The DFG press conference was followed with tension on this Friday afternoon on June 15th and was even more thrilling as the live stream got delayed several times. But finally, members ... [more] »

Workshop on "Modeling, Optimization and Simulation of Complex Fluid Flow"

Organized by the International Research Training Group 1529, Mathematical Fluid Dynamics and Graduate School of Computational Engineering

This workshop was hosted here at the GSC installations. There were many international participants and the GSC students were helping during the organization, reception and guidance of people. The organizers of the workshop were: Dieter Bothe: Mathematical Modeling and ... [more] »

GSC Students in Conferences

Learning about stochastic methods in Italy, by Laura Lukassen From July 2nd to July 6th I joined the COST Training school course on Stochastic methods in Fluid mechanics, which was held at the CISM (International Centre for Mechanical Sciences) in Udine, Italy. This promised ... [more] »

GSC Students Visiting Other Universities

Exchanging Knowledge, from Inside Out

This is the first article of a new series here in the GSC newsletter. For each new issue, we want to share one experience of some GSC student who had visited another institute for giving a talk, doing a technical visit, or starting a new collaboration project. In May this ... [more] »

June 2012: GSC Turtles at the TU Meet and Move

Ultra Marathon in Rainy Wheather

On June 13th it was again time for the TU meet & move "Campusfest“. This is a day where all members of the TU are invited to come together to make sports and celebrate. The GSC turtles were prepared for the Ultra-Marathon, which was planned to start at 5 pm. In the ... [more] »

July 2012: Prof. Dr. Irwin Yousept

We are happy to announce the approval of Prof. Dr. Irwin Yousept as a Junior Professor of the Graduate School CE, starting from July 1, 2012. In his research, Irwin Yousept deals with Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations. His activities are strongly connected ... [more] »

Trip to Penn State

Research of a CE student abroad

With 44 thousand students the Pennsylvania (Penn-) State University (PSU) is one of the largest public research universities of the United States, which is also ranked among the top-fifteen public universities nationally. The main campus of the PSU is situated in a smaller city ... [more] »

May 2012: Workshop on "Introduction to OpenACC and CUDA C/C++"

On May 30th 2012, the CUDA research center at TU Darmstadt and Fraunhofer IGD hosted the introductory workshop on OpenACC and CUDA C/C++. Participation on this workshop was possible without prior knowledge of computing on ... [more] »

Summer 2012: New Students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes three new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, who have joined us since May 2012. Stefanie Bott
GSC CE scholarship holder Topic: Adaptive multilevel methods with proper orthogonal decomposition for state constrained optimal control ... [more] »

June 2012: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schöps

New junior professor for Computational Engineering

New junior professor for Computational Engineering

Dear colleagues, my name is Sebastian Schöps. I have been appointed as new junior professor for "Computational Engineering" in the beginning of June. I will strengthen the research on computational ... [more] »

Spring 2012: Conferences

GSC students show our research around the world

April 2012: SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification
In the first week of April I attended the SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification. The conference took place in Raleigh, which is the capital of North Carolina, USA. It is part of the so-called ... [more] »

The Soft Skills Training at the Graduate School CE

The soft skills training program is a well-established and a constant component since the foundation of the Graduate School CE and just one building block out of many for top-level education and research in the field of CE.
The GSC CE soft skills training consists of five ... [more] »

April 2012: Girls' Day at the Graduate School

Ten years Girls' Day!

The Girls' Day (Future Prospects for Girls) is an annual international event and was created for organizations that involve a more dominant man participation. These organizations can open their door on that day for teenager girls to know more about the professions they can ... [more] »

Social Activities at the Graduate School

In times of growing member numbers at the Graduate School social activities are dedicated to glue us together. Wouldn't it be nice to know if somebody already holds the answer to the problems obstructing your project? That somebody was right next door and you didn't know for ... [more] »

February 2012: CE Colloquium

On 9th of February, a group of about 20 CE-students visited the GSC CE within the scope of “Wissenschaftliche Perspektiven im CE-Studium”. The intention was to give an understanding of what one can do when you finished your studies.  ... [more] »

Spring 2012: New Students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes five new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, who have joined us since February 2012. Emna Hassani

GSC CE scholarship holder Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oberlack
Topic: Discontinuous Galerkin Method with curved elements 
Affiliated ... [more] »

Winter 2011: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes two new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, who have joined us since November 2011. Henning Spiegelberg GSC CE scholarship holder Topic: Passive Flow Control on Wind Turbine Rotors using Self-Adaptive Camber: Theoretical Foundations and ... [more] »

Celebrating Christmas in a warm atmosphere and with a lot of presents

Even though the weather outside let absolutely no hope for snow, it was again Christmas time. The Christmas market had already started. And one more time, the traditional Christmas party of the Graduate School took place on December, 12th, 2011. The famous room 01 ... [more] »

January 2012: GSC assembly

On January 9, 2012, the annual GSC-Assembly was held. For a large audience of PhD-Students and affiliated professors, Prof. Schäfer gave an overview of numbers and highlights of the past year. First of all, it was interesting to see that the amount of PhD-students still ... [more] »


Debora: The 21th International Congress of Mechanical Engineering (COBEM) was hold in Natal-Brazil, in October 2011. This was the most important Latin American event, within the field of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering. The main theme of the conference this year ... [more] »

The last department to be introduced

Our students' second home

The Signal Processing Group (SPG) is part of the Institute of Telecommunications at the Department of Electrical Engineering & Information Technology at Technische Universität Darmstadt. SPG is located at Hans-Busch Institut S3|06, Merckstraße 25, 64283 Darmstadt. It is ... [more] »

New Compute Server TEXAS

Until mid of December, the GSC did not have any large parallel compute server or cluster. Members who needed to run large simulations had to use resources of their home departments or the HHLR. Last fall, Sascha Schnepp and me made a survey among the GSC members, if there are ... [more] »

GSC Students in Conferences

Some reports from our students

If knowledge is properly shared, it can have a more significant value. When a researcher shows his/her own work to the scientific community, new doors of comprehension can be opened. All the critics, questions and suggestions received can become a part of an innovative idea. At ... [more] »

Another department to be introduced: TEMF

Our students' second home

Todorka: The department “Institut für Theorie Elektromagnetischer Felder (TEMF)” is located at Schloßgartenstr. 8 at the S2|17 building of TU Darmstadt. Professor Thomas Weiland is head of the institute. TEMF team consists of 3 Lecturers, 5 Research Group Leaders, 30 PhD ... [more] »

Pizza baking evening event

A big cooking session in our new kitchen

Finally we could use our new kitchen for a social evening event. As the barbecue time for this year has unfortunately come to its end, we decided it is time now for an indoor cooking event. As everbody likes eating pizza and pizza baking is a good opportunity for cooking ... [more] »

Autumn 2011: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes five new researchers

We are happy to welcome four students at GSC CE, who have joined us since July 2011. Christina Kallendorf Third party funded associated GSC member Topic: Discontinuous Galerkin Simulation of Multiphase Flows with Interfacial EquationsSupervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. ... [more] »

October 2011: 2nd International Conference on Computational Engineering in Darmstadt

A meeting place for researchers in CE

From October 4 to October 6 the 2nd International Conference on Computational Engineering (ICCE) took place at the Darmstadtium conference center. The conference was organized by the Graduate School of Computational Engineering together with the International Graduate School of ... [more] »

May-July 2011: Publications in GSC CE


Kuhl, A. and Schnepp, S. and Weiland, T. and Angelovski, A. and Penirschke, A. and Jakoby, R. and Bock, M.K., Bousonville, M. and Gessler, P. and Schlarb, H. and Rönsch-Schulenburg, J. and Roßbach, J.: Analysis of new pickup designs for the FLASH ... [more] »

2 new PIs for the GSC CE

The Graduate School has two new Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Christian Bischof from "HRZ" and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Goesele from the computer science institute "Geometric Modeling and Animation".  [more] »

Different funding systems for a PhD at GSC CE

Examples for industry funded projects

All PhD students at GSC have in common their interest in Computational Engineering. What differs, are the arrangements concerning funding. While many students hold a scholarship from GSC or TU Darmstadt, there are also many GSC members who are funded by a third party. There are ... [more] »

Further departments to be introduced

Our students' second home

Optimization Jane Ghiglieri: In the ground and first floor of Dolivostraße the Optimization group is located. The Optimization is divided into different subgroups, one of them is the Nonlinear Optimization, headed by Prof. Stefan Ulbrich and to which Sarah and I ... [more] »

June 2011: New Industrial Professor

Henning Puder joins Graduate School

I am honored to be a new member of the Graduate School CE as one of the industry professors since June 2011. In the function of a part time professor I will usually spend one day at the Graduate School and the rest of the week at Siemens, Audiological Engineering Group in ... [more] »

Parental time at the Graduate School

Board of Deans passes regulation for prolongation

We are happy that, since the start of the Graduate School, some of our students started a family and had or are expecting a child. Of course the birth and the child care of course requires a lot of time from the (future) mothers and fathers, which is lacking for the work on ... [more] »

Visiting foreign countries for research

What to consider when planning a stay abroad

Staying abroad at a foreign university or research institution during the PhD phase may bring forward your research substantially. It will also improve your language skills and is an important experience for your personal development. If you are planning such a stay, the ... [more] »

Summer 2011: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes nine new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, which have joined us since April 2011. Irene Hiltunen
GSC CE scholarship holder Topic: Broadbanded impedance boundary elements for FE/DG to solve the Maxwell equations in the time domain Supervisors:  ... [more] »

New PI at GSC CE

Graduate School welcomes Baixiang Xu

In 1980 I was born in Hunan, China. I have studied Mechanics in Hohai University, Nanjing, China. In 2008 I finished my Ph.D degree at Peking University, one of the top two universities in China. During my doctorate (2006,2007) I worked at TU Darmstadt under the financial ... [more] »

Summer Academy 2011: High School Students at TU Darmstadt

In the last two weeks of May, four groups of students from different high schools in Bensheim and Michelstadt entered TU Darmstadt and discovered the exciting world of science. During one day, the students learned about the research in different departments. The workshops ... [more] »

Research in other countries

A short view about something outside...

A considerable part of GSC consists of international students. When passing through the corridors during lunch time, one can smell such diversity coming from everybody's lunch. Also during one office day, sometimes one can hear a few noncomprehending words of a pair of ... [more] »

April 2011: Girls‘ Day at GSC CE

Little girls on the way to the computational engineering of the future...

When giving a talk for people who are not specialists in the area, one should be aware that the most common terms can be unknown for those who are not working in the same subject; the basic concepts were never seen before, and the obvious conclusions are not clear. At this ... [more] »

New newsletter members

We are glad to have three new members who joined the GSC CE newsletter team in the past months: Friederike Gauß, Laura Lukassen and Hannes Lück. [more] »

Further PhD students graduated

We cordially congratulate Hüseyin Taner Baytekin and Adityah Amah for graduating. We wish both of you a pleasant and wonderful life outside of Alma Mater. We enjoyed knowing you and would be very glad to hear from you and your experiences. [more] »

Exchange of Research

My name is Benjamin Kadoch. I defended my PhD in October 2009 in fluid mechanics at the University of Provence in the laboratory M2P2 (Laboratoire de Mécanique, Modélisation & Procédés Propres) at Marseille (France). My thesis was supervised by Prof. Kai Schneider and the ... [more] »

Further Departments to be Introduced

Our Students' Second Home

FNB - The mysterious fourth floor Stefan Kneißl: Just one floor above the Graduate School, Prof. Schäfer's Institute of Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering, you might know in his capacity as head of the  GSC CE, is located. Here, nice people are  ... [more] »

March 2011: Workshop on Models, Methods and program Code

Christian Focke (CSI): On March 23rd, 2011, all GSC CE affiliates and all CSI members working on simulations were invited to the "Models, Methods and program Code" (MMC) workshop. It took place at the "Hotel am Bruchsee" near Heppenheim. The idea of ... [more] »

February 2011: New Manager for the GSC CE

Welcome, Friederike!

My name is Friederike Gauß and I’m the new manager at GSC CE since the 1st of February. As my name already indicates, I studied mathematics at the University of Cologne and at the Université de Versailles/St. Quentin in France, where I passed one semester. During my ... [more] »

GSC manager leaves Graduate School

After a relatively short time of being one of the GSC managers, I will already leave the Graduate School by the end of October due to personal reasons. I enjoyed my time at the Graduate School very much and want to thank all the GSC members for the good cooperation. I wish you ... [more] »

March 2011: 2nd Retreat

On March 24th and 25th 2011 the 2nd retreat of the GSC CE took place in the "Hotel am Bruchsee" in Heppenheim. It directly followed a workshop on models, mehtods and codes (MMC). All three days of workshop and retreat had the aim ... [more] »

Learning German

Something more than "hallo" and "tschüss"…

A considerable part of GSC consists of foreign students. Most of them come to Germany without any previous knowledge of the language. They come not only for a new challenge on scientific research, but also for a long journey learning how to survive inside a German environment.  ... [more] »

Research in the US

From January 24 to March 5, I was a visiting researcher and lecturer at the University of Nevada in Reno (UNR), USA, where I stayed with Pavel Solin at the Davidson Institute of Mathematics and Statistics. Pavel Solin was visiting the Graduate School last summer and presented ... [more] »

Spring 2011: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes seven new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, which have joined us since February 2011. Hannes Lück Third-party funded associated GSC member
Topic: Fluid Structure Interaction in Labyrinth seals
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. M. Schäfer, Prof. ... [more] »

Winter 2011: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes five new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, which have joined us since October 2010. Mouhammad Alhumaidi
Externally funded PhD-candidate Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Zoubir, Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. WeilandTopic: Measurement and digital ... [more] »

Researching in Texas

The Semester Abroad of one CE student

My trip to Texas has begun in September 2010. Before I came to Texas, I had never been in the United States. So I had nothing to compare. Texas is one of the biggest states in the US. The physical size of the state and the bigger-than-life attitude of some of its inhabitants ... [more] »

October 2011: 2nd International Conference on Computational Engineering (ICCE) in Darmstadt

The 2nd International Conference on Computational Engineering (ICCE 2011) will take place from Tuesday, October 4, to Thursday, October 6, 2011 at the darmstadtium conference center next to TU Darmstadt. The conference is organized by the GSC CE together with the ... [more] »

March 2011: Second "Klausurtagung" and workshop on a map of topics

From the 24th till 25th of March the second Klausurtagung, a retreat of all GSC CE affiliates, will be held. Additionally, a workshop to create a map of all topics present in the GSC CE, will take place the day before. The latter has already been prepared for some months by ... [more] »

December 2010: CE-Mas at the Graduate School

The Christmas market started and the time of listening to Christmas songs and drinking red spiced wine began. The first snow flakes were falling down. This was of course also the time of baking Christmas cookies and celebrating a Christmas party. Already some weeks before our ... [more] »

December 2010: International Workshop on Multi-Scale Methods in CE

Two days of knowledge in the CE field

Some love it, some hate it: snow. But today, it is 9th of December 2010, everybody is worried about the sudden onset of winter, because the "International Workshop on Multi-Scale Methods in CE" starts. Although many people are late or cannot make it due to the weather, ... [more] »

Further Departments to be introduced

Our students' second home

NAW Daniel Franzbach: The group "Nichtmetallisch Anorganische Werkstoffe", i.e., functional ceramics, is a part ... [more] »

Goodbye, Florian!

Florian van de Loo is going to leave GSC CE in the end of October. Surely, we speak for everybody when we say that we will miss him and that he did a great job here at the Graduate School. We wish him all the best for his new directions and hope to see him once in ... [more] »

GSC CE students in conferences

More of us around the world

As a nice tool for showing their research in the scientific community, GSC students attend conferences and seminars outside their working environment. More than just giving a presentation, this kind of activity promotes a nice exchange of ideas and, what was before just an ... [more] »

September 2010: The new students' Committee

after the elections...

After Jane announced she would be for one semester in USA, Tony and Ahmed also told they would need to leave the students' committee. Once there was only one member resting, for well representing the GSC CE students, new members were indicated for joining the ... [more] »

The first Doc

Yes, there is life after the defense...

"I am writing to cheer everybody up: The life after graduation is not
that bad at all. Somehow being employed by a corporate makes me feel
that I am a worthy human being, and that feeling rocks! As soon as you
get a job, you will have to start to think ... [more] »

November 2010: SIMPAR Conference

The 2nd International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots (SIMPAR 2010) will take place in Darmstadt from 15th to 18th November 2010. The objective of the SIMPAR conference is to offer a unique forum and to bring together ... [more] »

Autumn 2010: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes three new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, which have joined us since June 2010. Mathias Frommherz
GSC CE scholarship holder
Supervisors: Prof. ... [more] »

September 2010: Full Professorship for Christian Meyer

Junior professor Christian Meyer has been appointed full professor at TU Darmstadt in the Department of Mathematics on 1st September 2010. He will continue with his research in the field of "Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations". We are happy about this ... [more] »

Introduction of departments

Our students' second home

Most of the GSC CE students have two places, where they work and have duties. Besides GSC, they are member of some department or institute of TUD. For a GSC student, most of these departments' are just names. For adding some lively content, we start to introduce our ... [more] »

August 2010: GSC summer event

Each month, some different activity is chosen by the students for that they can get to know each other better, and having a nice cultural exchange. On Thursday, 26th of August, some of the GSC students went together to TU Lichtwise for (trying) going up to the trees in the ... [more] »

July 2010: First GSC student finishes

So it is not an impossible mission. Finally someone could do it, and Duly's disputation brought a new motivation to all GSC CE students. Duly, with a good portion of self confidence and incredible sense of humor, did a great presentation. The room was completely full and ... [more] »

June 2010: TU meet & move with CE turtles

This year, the big sports event "TU meet and move" took again place in June. As last year we registered as the team "GSC turtles" of 17 (!) people to participate in the Ultramarathon. Although it was a really hot day and  our team was not even close ... [more] »

Summer 2010: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes seven new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, who have joined us since April 2010. Hai Van Jorks
Externally funded PhD-candidate
Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. ... [more] »

May 2010: GSC CE welcomes a new Professor

Prof. Dr. Jan Bender joined GSC CE

My name is Jan Bender and I joined the Graduate School of Computational Engineering in May as a "Juniorprofessor". The focus of my research is the dynamic simulation of multibody systems and deformable bodies. I studied computer science at the University of ... [more] »

Introduction of our secretaries

We are two secretaries of GSC CE, Carina Schuster and Heike Hoffmann, who want to give you an overview of our life here at GSC CE. My name is Carina Schuster. After my ... [more] »

June 2010: And yet it moves ...

Robotics programming workshops for pupils

In June, the Graduate School CE organized several workshops for students of schools near Darmstadt together with the Information Systems Engineering (IST) Study Center. In the courses the pupils programmed vehicles equipped with Lego Mindstorms® robot control units using Java. ... [more] »

Soccer World Cup at GSC CE

During the last month, Graduate School CE was catched by a soccer fever, even though many GSC students are not from that 32 countries whose teams participated at this year's FIFA World Cup. No surprise, since many of our international students observe the results in the ... [more] »

GSC Students in Conferences 2010

Knowledge is only useful when it is shared. That is why it is extremely important that students show their work to the scientific community, attending conferences, workshops and so on. GSC CE supports PhD students for publishing all over the world, stimulating the knowledge ... [more] »

July 2010: Newsletter Team welcomes a new member

Debora Vieira joined the team

We are happy to have Debora contributing actively to our newsletter now! [more] »

December 2010: International Workshop on Multi-Scale Methods in CE

The workshop is organized by GSC CE and provides a meeting place for researchers and practitioners working on computational methods for multi-scale problems in all disciplines of engineering and applied mathematics. [more] »

Spring 2010: New students at GSC CE

The Graduate School welcomes five new researchers

We are happy to welcome new students at GSC CE, which have joined us since February 2010: Taner Baytekin  Industry funded PhD-candidate in the multi-physics category Topic: Investigation of the effect of surface roughness on the ... [more] »

April 2010: GSC students´committee welcomes new member

Jane Elsemüller joined the panel

Jane Elsemüller, mathematician and GSC student since May 2009, has agreed to become a member of the GSC CE students´committee. Jane has recently joined the committee and will substitute Christine Hayn in the medium-term. ... [more] »

April 2010: Review on GSC CE´s soft skills seminar

First training cycle is about to be completed in April

In order to provide all PhD and MSc students of GSC CE with sufficient ability to deal with potential problems, which may happen in their future research or occupational work. Specialized trainings of soft skills, which ... [more] »

Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation

Introduction to a still rather unknwon GSC key research area

Modeling and simulation of hierarchical multi-scale problems is currently one of the major challenges in computational engineering. Almost all engineering problems contain different scales of resolution. For example, technical devices in modern communication systems consist ... [more] »

March 2010: Games Evening

Beans, pizza and chocolate

Our evening event in March was a games evening. Totally off our daily business, some of us tried our luck as farmers: Growing beans, trading beans or even giving gifts in form of beans in order to get as much money as possible. The others tried to work as ... [more] »

March 2010: Review on the GSC Klausurtagung

Impressions on two days of intense cooperation with all GSC affiliates

On March 1st to 2nd, 2010, all GSC CE affiliates were invited to attend and contribute to the the first GSC CE symposium in Heppenheim / Bergstraße. In individual and joint presentations, all GSC-students introduced the various aspects of their research topics. During five ... [more] »

Board of Deans

Introducing the GSC CE´s steering committee

With it´s foundation in 2007 the organizational structures of Graduate School of Computational Engineering were successively created comprising different boards and committees to manage the GSC CE. One of the most important panels is the board of Deans, which was elected in the ... [more] »

GSC CE newsletter editorial team

Introducing the people behind GSC news

Judging from the recent survey among our readers, we are happy to see growing interest in the GSC CE newsletter. In return, you - as one of our readers - might be interested in the people behind the news comprising the GSC CE newsletter team. Here ... [more] »

March 2010: GSC CE Klausurtagung

Cooperative consolidation of the GSC´s scientific focus

During March 1st-2nd, 2010, the first GSC CE symposium (German: "Klausurtagung") will take place to tighten and refine the scientific focus of the GSC CE.  All affiliates of the Graduate School CE are invited to attend the meeting to allow for ... [more] »

December 2009: Christmas Party

From self-made cookies to stolen presents

The little lake behind the S4-10 building already shows a thin layer of ice and some trees are covered slightly with snow. It's Tuesday, 15th of December and we are celebrating our Christmas party. Compared to Christmas 2008, the main difference is the number of ... [more] »

December 2009: Soft Skills Seminar, 2nd training group

Communication and team work initiates second training cycle

When I knew I would have to go for a workshop about communication, I was expecting to stay there for three days just sitting, listening, and trying not to sleep. But as soon as our trainer Gabriele started, I realized my expectations were completely wrong (fortunately!). Many ... [more] »

November 2009: Review on two years GSC CE

Interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Schäfer, Dean of the Graduate School CE

After two years of its existence, the Graduate School CE has successfully taken all administrative barriers and can finally implement all of its projected new ideas for an innovative and integrative doctoral education at Technische Universität Darmstadt.  Prof. Dr. Michael ... [more] »

November 2009: GSC assembly

Successful annual meeting was held

On November 11th, 2009, the annual assembly of the Graduate School CE was held. For a large audience including most of the affiliated professors, the Advisory Board and the GSC students´ committee, Prof. Schäfer as the dean of the Graduate ... [more] »

June 2009: Prof. Dr. Dieter Bothe

New Principal Investigator at GSC CE

My name is Dieter Bothe and I am professor for mathematical modeling and analysis at the Center of Smart Interfaces and in the department of mathematics, TU Darmstadt. I joined the Graduate School CE as a Principal Investigator in June 2009. My research interest is the ... [more] »

2009: GSC CE students´ committee

GSC CE student representatives introduce themselves

We, the students' committee namely Ahmed Abdelkader, Anthony Anjorin, Christine Hayn, and Björn Müller, are a group of students of the GSC CE that represent the interests of all students and do our best to serve as a single, unified voice of the ... [more] »

2009: Publicising GSC research on conferences all over the world

GSC-students contribute manifoldly in the scientific community

The production of scientific output is seen as a major indication for the achieved progress in the according field of research. Although publication of articles in books and journals is considered to be very important, conferences offer the unique ... [more] »

November 2009: GSC CE assembly

Annual meeting of all GSC affiliates on November 11th, 2009

On 11th of November 2009, the annual convention of all Graduate School representatives and affiliates with the Advisory board and also members of students' committee (for the first time), will take place. The meeting will be held at the Graduate School CE in ... [more] »

October 2009: Graduate School video published

GSC presents itself on DFG video portal

In the DFG video portal of the excellence initiative, all funded projects are visualized to a broad public. On October 19th, 2009, the recently produced video feature about the Graduate School of Computational Engineering, was released to further increase the publicity for ... [more] »

October 2009: Third Soft Skills Seminar

The third soft skills seminar was about scientific writing. Jana Kaiser from HDA, brought us a wide scope of interesting aspects within three full days. We started practicing to make our minds, with some brainstorming techniques. Making up your mind is ... [more] »

October 2009: First international Workshop on Computational Engineering in Herrsching

Successful participation of GSC CE students

12th-14th of October, the first international Workshop on Computational Engineering with the special topic Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), took place in Herrsching near Munich.  It was organized by the DFG Research Group 493 Fluid-Structure Interaction, the International ... [more] »

Fluid-Structure Interaction research group at GSC

Teamwork of students from different departments and fields of study

As a multi physics research area, Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), is on focus at GSC CE, and a group of PhD students have started research on different aspects of this field, since two years ago. Yu Du from China, Stephen Sachs, Sarah Kessler and Frank Flitz from ... [more] »

September 2009: GSC events, Canoeing and Climbing

September, was a sporty month for the Graduate School: We did a canoe tour together and also, our monthly evening event, took place at the new indoor climbing wall in Darmstadt.

For the canoe trip, most of us met at the Darmstadt central station to go by train to ... [more] »

August 2009: New High Performance Computer at TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt will build up a 400 TFlop/s computer until 2012

TU Darmstadt expects to receive a grant from the German Federal Government to set up a new High Performance Computer (HPC). The requirement for a large computing capacity results from numerous activities in the field of Computational Engineering at TU Darmstadt. Research ... [more] »

"Oberseminar" at the Real-Time Systems Lab

Every Wednesday, Students and PhD researchers at Real-Time Systems Lab give talks about their latest research  from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M. at room 348 of building S3|06. For information about upcoming events please have a look at  ... [more] »

Interdisciplinary conferences in 2010

The Wessex Institute of Technology

The Institute is committed to acting as a link between professional and academic bodies and encouraging trans-disciplinary research. The following link leads to some of the forthcoming Conferences taking place in 2010. You can also find a complete list of conferences ... [more] »

June 2009: Linking excellent research

Tying up research at CSI and GSC

The representatives of the two institutions at TU Darmstadt, which were founded in the framework of the excellence initiatives, the Center of Smart Interfaces (CSI) and the Graduate School of Computational Engineering (GSC CE), have agreed on tying up the cooperation with each ... [more] »

June 2009: TU meet & move!

GSC actively participated in TU sports and integration day

On 18th of June 2009, TU Darmstadt invited to an international culture and sports day, "TU  meet & move!" . Numerous competitions and games were waiting for all TU members in that day at the university stadium. We (GSC CE members) decided to ... [more] »

May 2009: Cooperation with schools

Research experience for high-school students at GSC CE

The Graduate School of Computational Engineering has conducted a "Days of Science" project (“Projekttage Wissenschaft”) from May 11th to May 20th, 2009. The GSC CE in cooperation with the local education authority of the region Bergstraße/Odenwaldkreis, invited six ... [more] »

June 2009: Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Stannat

New Principal Investigator at the GSC CE

My name is Wilhelm Stannat and I am Professor in Stochastics at the Fachbereich Mathematik, TU Darmstadt. I joined the Graduate School CE as a Principal Investigator this year. My research interest is stochastic analysis, in particular stochastic partial ... [more] »

May 2009: Monthly events in GSC CE

GSC CE activities beyond scientific necessity

Since March 2009, students and staff in GSC CE have had monthly events and participated in some extracurricular activities together like watching movie, going for pizza, playing bowling, having a barbecue and so on. These monthly meetings have brought a friendly enviorment to ... [more] »

April 2009: Dr.-Ing. S. Schnepp

Leader of research group on electrical engineering

Dear fellow colleagues, my name is Sascha Schnepp. Despite the frequent questions of Russians about my Russian name, I am a native German. In April I joined the Graduate School CE as the leader for the electrical engineering research group. Within this group, our research focus ... [more] »

April 2009: First GSC newsletter released

GSC news will be published quarterly

This is the first issue of the quarterly published Graduate School of Computational Engineering  newsletter. The newsletter concerns four main parts, Graduate School-activities, Graduate School-People, CE-News and CE-World. In every issue a report ... [more] »

April 2009: Professor Irina Munteanu

Industry involvement tightened at GSC CE

I joined the Graduate School CE in April 2009 as one of the Industry Professors. In the next few years I will dedicate 25% of my time to academic research and teaching, while for the remaining 75% I will continue working at Computer Simulation Technology AG. It was in ... [more] »

April 2009: Professor Gerhard Schmidt

Industry involvement tightened at GSC CE

My name is Gerhard Schmidt and I joined the Graduate School CE in April this year. I’m one of the so-called industry professors, meaning that I spend one or two days per week at the graduate school, the remaining time I work at a company. In the last eight years this has been ... [more] »

March 2009: Second Soft Skill Seminar

2nd module - Team training and communication

The second module of soft skill seminars for PhD students of GSC CE with the title ''Team training and communication'', was held at 10th, 11th and 16th of March 2009.

During this three day workshop the students became more familiar with each other as ... [more] »

March 2009: Convergators Award for Prof. Dr. José Luis Encarnação

GSC Principal Investigator awarded at CeBIT 2009

see news section for details    [more] »

March 2009: Prof. Dr. C. Meyer

GSC Professor for Mathematics

My name is Christian Meyer and I joined the Graduate School CE in March. I fill one of the three junior professorships at the graduate school and my topic is optimization, to be more precise optimal control of partial differential equations (PDEs). These type of equations play ... [more] »

February 24th, 2009: Press visitors at CE Research Center and GSC

A number of internationally renowned journalists visit TUD

Organized by the Department for Foreign affairs, a number of internationally renowned journalists visited Technische Universität Darmstadt. TUD Vice-president Prof. Dr. P. Gehring received the journalists and proudly presented the advances of Computational ... [more] »

February 2009: GSC CE constitutional order finalized by TUD senate

GSC takes legal form

On february 11th, 2009, the senate of Technische Universität Darmstadt has concordantly finalized the constitutional order of the Graduate School of Computational Engineering. Despite the fact that in agreement with the departments some minor corrections have to be made, now ... [more] »

December 2008: First Soft Skill Seminar

1st module - Presentation training

The first soft skill seminar for PhD and MSc students was held in December 2008 and January 2009. The topic of the seminar was ''presentation training'',  where all the participants improved their presentation skills and learned many facts about technique, style and ... [more] »


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