The Graduate School of Excellence Computational Engineering (CE) at the Technische Universität (TU) Darmstadt has been recognized as a center for top-level research and scientific excellence by the highly competitive 'Excellence Initiative' of the German Federal and State Governments. The Graduate School enables PhD students to develop their scientific skills in a focused way, and to cooperate under optimal conditions in a highly stimulating interdisciplinary environment.

On the following pages you will find information about the Graduate School in general, its scientific aims, details about admission and a lot more.

Foundation Ceremony Centre for Computational Engineering (CCE)

Foundation ceremony of the Centre for Computational Engineering and 1st CE Students’ Conference at TU Darmstadt on May 22, 2018, in Dolivostraße 15, ...

Since February of this year, all CE activities have been combined in the newly founded Centre for Computational Engineering (CCE). The establishment ... [more] »

8th GSC CE Retreat in Seeheim

As every year our annual Retreat took place at the Lufthansa Trainings & Conference Center in Seeheim. At sunny weather all the participants were ... [more] »

CE - Never heard of it...

Video about CE study programme wins first prize

A video about Computational Engineering has won the first prize in a video contest of TU Darmstadt. The contest was initiated in the context of ... [more] »

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Nonsmooth Optimization via Successive Abs-Linearization

Prof. Andreas Griewank, Yachaytech University, Ecuador

4 Jun 2018, 17:00–18:30; Location: S4|10-314

In finite dimensions abs-linearization of a function defined by smooth elementals  and abs, min, and max yields a piecewise linear continuous  ... [more] »

An introduction to energy-based modeling of lumped- and distributed-parameter coupled problems

M.Sc. Michal Maciejewski, CERN, Switzerland

11 Jun 2018, 16:15–17:45; Location: S2|17-103

 [more] »

Spatially dispersive metals for nanophotonics-about DGTD, model calibration and experimental evidence

M.Sc. Nikolai Schmitt, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France

18 Jun 2018, 16:15–17:45; Location: S2|17-103

 [more] »


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