The Graduate School of Excellence Computational Engineering (CE) at the Technische Universität (TU) Darmstadt has been recognized as a center for top-level research and scientific excellence by the highly competitive 'Excellence Initiative' of the German Federal and State Governments. The Graduate School enables PhD students to develop their scientific skills in a focused way, and to cooperate under optimal conditions in a highly stimulating interdisciplinary environment.

On the following pages you will find information about the Graduate School in general, its scientific aims, details about admission and a lot more.

9th GSC CE Retreat in Seeheim

On April 8-9, 2019, the annual retreat of the Graduate School CE and ... [more] »

Article about Combustion Simulation Group in InSiDE

The current issue of the journal InSiDE (Innovative Supercomputing in Germany) contains an article ... [more] »

New MultiCPU “Ifen” at GSC CE

With the new MultiCPU System “Ifen” we have a worthy successor for Texas. The great benefits of a ... [more] »

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Are your scientific applications ready for evolving HPC systems?

Prof. Sunita Chandrasekaran, Ph.D., University of Delaware, Newark, USA

25 Jun 2019, 15:30–17:00; Location: S4|10-1

This talk will present interdisciplinary research that entails the applicability of computer ... [more] »

Isogeometric Design Optimization of Nonlinear 3D Beam Structures for Multi-material 3D Printing

Prof. Dr. Oliver Weeger, TU Darmstadt

18 Jun 2019, 17:00–18:30; Location: S4|10-1

With the capability to locally control the material composition of a structure, multi-material and ... [more] »


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